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The Musicians

| Ng Wei Ping | violin

Ng Wei Ping received his BA (First-Class Honors) in Music at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (validated by University of Wales) and was presented the best graduate award and the Embassy of Peru Award. Under the tutelage of Foo Say Ming (1st violinist of SSO) and Alexander Souptel (Concertmaster of SSO), he served as the leader of NAFA Symphony Orchestra over four years. He has performed regularly with the Singapore Festival Orchestra since 2006 and was invited by Volker Hartung to performed with Cologne New Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra throughout Germany and Australia. As an active chamber musician, he is a founding member of Chamber•Sounds, Syzygy String Quartet and Volker Hartung’s Swing orchestra. He has participated in the International Society for Music Education, World Conference in 2006, performing along with Wong Yun Qi, Chan Sihan, Jeremy Chiew and Clarence Tan on chamber works by Kelly Tang, Leong Yoon Pin and Goh Toh Chai. Since then, he has given several world premieres for chamber works written by Singaporean composers. In 2010, his performance as the 1st violinist in Artsylum String Quartet received good reviews in the Straits Times.

| Jeremy Chiew | viola

As a violist, Jeremy has performed with most local ensemble groups and orchestras in Singapore. Being under the tutelage of Mr. Dimitri Murrath at the Longy School of Music has been an eye-opening experience for him, and with one year left to graduation, Jeremy often ponders over his next step in life…very carefully. As a person, he believes in experiencing life to its fullest and often does things ‘while he still can’. As a suggestion, talk to him and he’ll be happy to detail the many differences between a viola and a violin.

| Chan Si-Han |  cello

Si-Han has been a cellist almost all his life, but he only decided to take it seriously just 6 years ago. He has performed with numerous orchestras and ensembles such as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Festival Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Orchestra and the Singapore Lyric Opera, just to name a few. Despite his somewhat stern outward appearance, Si-Han is in fact a fun-loving guy with a huge sense of humor, with an appetite for new and adventurous things. Chamber music and exploring contemporary pieces are just some of the little things he enjoys with his friends whenever he can.

| Kevin Seah | flute

Kevin graduated with distinction in Flute performance from the Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurt, Austria from the class of Prof Elvira Mimura. Prior to his studies in Austria, he was under the tutelage of Mr Jin Ta at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He was also a recipient of the NAC’s Local Arts Bursary and the Yamaha Music Scholarship. He is currently back in Klagenfurt pursuing studies in Music Education majoring in Flute Teaching with a focus on Early Music Education.

| Daniel Yiau | composer+clarinet

Daniel had just returned home not too long ago after playing in the World Youth Wind Orchestra in Taiwan under the baton of Maestros Dario Sotelo and Douglas Bostock. Daniel is extremely grateful to have his friends in chamber•sounds who have survived his never-ending-loud-100-decibels banter about everything and anything for so many years and are still living to tell the tales. Daniel is also forever indebted to Dr. Zechariah Goh and Dr. Kelly Tang for their many compositional inputs and perspectives on issues.

| Jeremiah Li | composer+bari.sax

Li Kai Han Jeremiah (b. 1980) composes music that is challenging and virtuosic, with an unyielding tenacity towards the treatment of dissonances. He is also inspired by passacaglias, ground basses and other ostinati. Jeremiah has been performed in numerous countries, and was the runner-up for the first Con/un/drum Competition with the piece Remembering the First Dawn over the Crystalline Celestial Garden.
Jeremiah recently received his DMA from the University of Kansas where he also received the 2010 Anthony Cius award for Best Student Composer. In his spare time, Jeremiah sits quietly with a cup of tea and folds complex origami models.

| Alan Kartik | horn

Alan Kartik is currently pursuing his B.Mus degree at NAFA. In his free time he also runs a campaign against stirring the perfect cup of teh cino!

| Clarence Tan | euphonium

Clarence plays both the double bass and euphonium, and till recently he was playing professionally with the Singapore Armed Forces Central Band and the Philharmonic Orchestra. A contemporary music lover, Clarence is currently pursuing his postgraduate studies in Orchestral Conducting with Maestro Imre Pallo at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and hopes to advance his career in directing contemporary music ensembles.

| Wong Yun Qi | piano

Yun Qi is currently enjoying her Masters program in Lied Interpretation at the Hannover University for Music Drama and Media in Northern Germany, receiving daily inspiration in abundance from mentors Jan-Philip Schulze, Zvi Meniker, Beatrice Berthold and Christian Schulte. She is also accompanist for the brass, wind and voice classes. Her love for contemporary music has allowed her to participate in various exciting collaborations with composers including Walter Zimmermann and Snezana Nesic. Further inspiration comes from Inger Christensen poetry, Jörg Mannes and Mauro Bigonzetti dance choreographie, not to mention thriller films!

| Liong Kit Yeng | composer + piano

A bilingual radio producer-presenter before making a career switch to the arts, Kit Yeng has since been composing music for choirs, music ensembles, dance, and theatre productions. Recent collaborations and commissions include those with Singapore Lyric Opera children’s choir, Odyssey Dance Theatre, percussion ensemble A Bigger Bang, and Paper Monkey Theatre. She pursued her music education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, studying music composition with Dr Zechariah Goh Toh Chai.

| Alicia de Silva | composer + percussion

Having had an opportunity to compose a piece for the SYF Central Judging for her secondary school’s angklung kulintang ensemble, Alicia made the decision to pursue music proper at NAFA where she attained her BA (Hons) in Music Composition and a Diploma in Music Performance (Piano) in 2008 and 2007 respectively. Continuing in her passion and her personal belief in the potential of the angklung kulintang ensemble, Alicia spends most of her time teaching, composing and conducting the following ensembles: Millennia Institute, CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent and Xinghua Primary School. On top of that, she also teaches the piano.